Reformed Service Liturgy

Reformed Service Liturgy

THE REFORMED WORSHIP SERVICE is a dialogue between God and God’s people. God initiates the gathering by calling God’s people together for worship. Worshipers respond with their hearts and lives. The worship elements are the following:

VOTUM: A Latin expression of our desire to live our whole lives with God’s help: “Our help is in the name of the Lord who made heaven and earth.” We begin worship with these words.

SALUTATION: Words of greeting which reminds us that God/Christ/Holy Spirit is in our midst, bringing love, grace, mercy, and peace. 

HYMN: Congregation responds to God’s presence with a song of praise. 

PRAYER OF CONFESSION: A prayer acknowledging that we (individually and collectively) are sinners and in need of God’s forgiveness. 

LORD HAVE MERCY: A response to our Prayer of Confession to ask God for mercy.

ASSURANCE OF PARDON: Words of promise that God forgives because God’s love is shown in Christ. 

THE LAW OF GOD: A guide to grateful Christian living from God’s Word.

PSALTER AND GLORY TO THE FATHER:  Words of praise and a song of praise offered in gratitude for God’s forgiveness. 

WORD FOR THE CHILDREN: Children are part of a worshiping family.

THANKSGIVING SENTENCES: Words to remind us why we give.

OFFERTORY: We give because God has given to us

ANTHEM: Choir offers a gift of praise.

PRAYER OF DEDICATION: A prayer expressing our intention to be part of God’s work.

DOXOLOGY: A song of response, praising God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

SCRIPTURE READINGS: God’s Word speaks to us.

SERMON: Proclaiming God’s Word  to comfort and call people to live as citizens of God’s kingdom.

PRAYER FOR BLESSING ON THE WORD: A prayer, seeking God’s help to live with wisdom and courage as God’s people. 

AFFIRMATION OF FAITH: Congregation responds with the Church universal in affirming her faith.

PRAYERS: Prayers offered with thanksgiving on behalf of the needs of the world and our community.

LORD’S PRAYER: The prayer Jesus taught us to pray.

CLOSING HYMN: Hymn of praise, reminding congregation of the proclamation of God’s Word

BENEDICTION: The service is closed with the benediction. God blesses the congregation and sends them into the world.