Church Covenant

Church Covenant

To the glory of the living God, triune and loving, we unite as God’s willing servants to live the confession, Jesus Christ is Lord; there is no other faith foundation than his love and life.

It shall be our aim to share the Love of Christ by bringing:

  • Joy to little children
  • High ideals to youth
  • Direction to young adults
  • Inspiration and fellowship to men and women in the midst of life
  • Comfort and support to those in life’s latter years

Our fellowship welcomes all persons seeking:

  • To follow Jesus Christ and willing
  • To Grow in our common purpose
  • To do justly, love kindness, walk humbly with God

It is our ideal to move in the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. Being thus led by the Holy Spirit, we strive to serve the world we touch, recognizing each person as a child of God and our companion in the daily walk through life.