Advent stories of the season

Advent stories of the season

Recorded stories will become available to view on the date listed below and can be seen anytime after that date.

December 1st – Christmas in Korea told by Rob Dickson

December 3rd – The Christmas Spider told by Sue Anderson

December 5th – Pattern of Love told by Lew Kain

December 7th – The Kings Christmas told by Barb King

December 8th – The Three Trees told by Sue Hansen

December 9th – The Quilt Makers Gift told by Kathy Snyder

December 10th – The Inn told by Lew Kain

December 11th – The Grinch Who Stole Christmas told by Caleb Tysz

December 12th – The Alheim Christmas Story told by Patty and Curt

December 14th – The Crippled Lamb told by Sherrie Zavadil

December 15th – The Oxen, a poem by Thomas Hardy, told by Jim Tuttle

December 16th – On this Special Night told by Judy Kaiser

December 17th – An Alabama Ice Storm told by Joe Lindsay

December 18th – Why are Christmas Trees Not Perfect told by Kelly Clement

December 19th – Baby Jesus told by Lew Kain

December 20th – Redheaded Robbie’s Christmas Story shared by Becky Manore

December 21st – Room for a Little One told by Sarah Tysz

December 22nd – A Christmas Eve Story told by Gretchen Hodder

December 23rd – Little Robin’s Christmas told by Johan Bosman

December 24th – The Night Before Christmas told by Larry Gray