Samaritan Care

Samaritan Care

Samaritan Care is a quiet ministry. Members work behind the scenes offering love and support in many ways.

Notes of Support and Encouragement
Committee members write monthly notes of support and encouragement to members who are experiencing difficulties or illness.

Meals are offered to CCRC members during illness, after hospitalization or other crises.

Transportation is offered to and from church, church functions and medical appointments. To request transportation, please contact one of the Ministers, the Pastoral Care Associate, or Samaritan Care Chair.

Samaritan Care members are available for visits in homes, hospitals and nursing homes. Some visits are during and after illness and hospitalization, others are longer term “friendly” visits.

Memorial/Funeral Reception
Receptions are organized and hosted by members of Samaritan Care but all members of CCRC are invited to participate in the preparation of food. Receptions can be held at the church or in a private home. A member of the committee is also available to house sit during the time of the service, reception and/or burial.

Prayer Tree
The Prayer Tree Ministry is a subcommittee of Samaritan Care and one of our original caring ministries. Its primary use is for intercessory prayer on behalf of all members and their families. The committee updates the prayer tree list twice each year. Contact can be via telephone or email. When you wish to request prayer, please call the church office (371-7654) or the Prayer Tree Coordinator. To be added or removed from the prayer tree, please contact the Prayer Tree Coordinator.

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Prayer Shawl Ministry
Prayer Shawl Ministry is a recent addition to our caring ministry (2005). The purpose of knitting or crocheting a Prayer Shawl is to weave good thoughts and prayers of healing, hope and love into the piece so it will comfort and warm the recipient. The shawls are a visible symbol of God’s loving arms holding us and reassuring us in times of need. Members meet monthly in the morning and an evening group meets three times a year to work and pray together. To request a prayer shawl, please contact one of the pastors or Pastoral Care Associate. To join the ministry, please contact the Prayer Shawl Ministry Coordinator.

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