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Buildings and Grounds

The Buildings and Grounds Committee is responsible for monitoring, maintaining and improving all church buildings and property. This includes Weekly maintenance tasks such as keeping lawns, landscaping, sidewalks, driveways, parking areas and interior areas clean, neat and usable, General repairs addressing anything and everything that might require painting, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, carpentry, flooring, installation, removal or relocation work, indoor or out, and major improvements such as building additions, roof replacement, exterior repairs, etc. deemed necessary.


The CCRC Finance Committee provides oversight and leadership of the Church monetary matters in an advisory capacity. The Financial Secretary is responsible for revenue accounting of CCRC, consisting of pledges, offering and other gifts and contributions, and the preparation of monthly revenue statements. The Church Administrator is concerned with expense items of CCRC consisting of bill payments and disbursements with approval by one of the Finance Committee co-chairs, the maintenance of accounting records, and providing monthly financial statements. The church accounting records are periodically reviewed by an accounting professional.

Please click on the following to see our Memorial Fund Summary, Endowment Fund Summary, Barbara Debevoise Trust Summary and Fowler Trust Summary.


The Hospitality Committee’s mission is to provide the congregation with opportunities for fellowship. Through various social/celebratory events our members can get acquainted, stay connected and nurture a loving and supportive family of God who care for each other and warmly welcome visitors and new members to our church.

Our recurring social/fellowship events include:

  • Coffee after Sunday services in the Hearth Room (Fall, Winter, Spring)
  • Weekly lemonade by the garden during the summer following Sunday services
  • Advent Dinner each December in Fellowship Hall
  • Table for Eight (dinner get-togethers)

We provide/serve refreshments or meals for various other events:

  • CCRC Annual 5K Run/Walk/BBQ
  • Musical or storytelling performances
  • Live nativity
  • Special celebrations and milestones for staff, members or church
  • Dinners with regional churches (Classis)
  • Ecumenical services (churches of different denominations)
  • Bake sale for the Annual Tag Sale Fundraiser
  • Memorials and funerals

Recent projects to welcome Immanuel and Monika are now available for all to enjoy:

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Outreach Committee has responsibilities working within the church and within the community.

Outreach members make it a point to extend a special welcome to visitors, to get to know them and understand how CCRC might be a part of their faith journey. For those interested in joining CCRC, Outreach conducts a series of get-togethers over lunch on several Sundays in the spring and autumn for people to get more familiar with the denomination and congregation. Upon joining, new member households are paired with an existing member household of the congregation to make the year after joining a new church easy and rewarding. Each summer, new members, mentors, and consistory members gather for a summer social picnic.

Outreach works to make CCRC easy to identify and known in the community as a caring and welcoming congregation. This is done through various efforts and activities by individuals or groups. Annual activities sponsored by Outreach include:

  • AARP Safe Drivers’ Course (Spring)
  • Community Fundraiser: 5K Run/Walk/BBQ and Family Day of Wellness (Spring)
  • 4th of July parade lemonade in the shade
  • Live Nativity
  • Christmas caroling at Ellis Hospital

Outreach also manages the ongoing community publicity for church services and events as well as managing our social media presence through our Facebook page and supporting the use of the web site by other committees and groups within CCRC.


The Personnel Committee aims to provide and maintain a healthly, congenial and productive environment for all Church staff including contract, full-time, and part-time employees.

Activities include:

  • Working closely to support the pastor as head of staff
  • Recruiting and recommending candidates to fill non-ministerial positions
  • Recommending annual compensation action for all staff
  • Recommending personnel policies to the Consistory, as necessary
  • Encouraging professional growth and development for all staff
  • Recommending ways to manage risk exposures related to staff work
  • Conducting an annual review process with all staff


God made the Earth and put us on it with the responsibility of caring for it to the best of our ability.

As Christians, we believe in following Jesus’ teaching of love and spreading His message using our time, talents, and resources. Stewardship is the systematic giving to glorify God and carry out the ministry of Christ both locally and around the world.

Throughout the year our members contribute their time and talents by serving as they are able: as church school teachers, youth advisors, vocal and bell choir members, committee members, helpers, and regular attendees at worship services. Once a year, on Consecration Sunday, our church family is asked to consider God’s generosity and to make a financial commitment to support our church life, our building and grounds, and our mission efforts for the coming year. The biblical goal of tithing is encouraged, but each individual must consider his or her own situation with respect to thankfulness.

When we combine our time, talents and financial resources, we can help advance God’s kingdom on earth, and respond to God in praise and thanksgiving for our many blessings.