God made the Earth and put us on it with the responsibility of caring for it to the best of our ability.

As Christians, we believe in following Jesus’ teaching of love and spreading His message using our time, talents, and resources.  Stewardship is the systematic giving to glorify God and carry out the ministry of Christ both locally and around the world.

Throughout the year our members contribute their time and talents by serving as they are able: as church school teachers, youth advisors, vocal and bell choir members, committee members, helpers, and regular attendees at worship services.

Once a year, on Consecration Sunday, our church family is asked to consider God’s generosity and to make a financial commitment to support our church life, our building and grounds, and our mission efforts for the coming year.  The biblical goal of tithing is encouraged, but each individual or family must consider their own situation with respect to thankfulness.

When we combine our time, talents and financial resources, we can help advance God’s kingdom on earth, and respond to God in praise and thanksgiving for our many blessings.