Sunday School

Sunday School

From Kindergarten through 8th grade we offer a curriculum titled Seasons of the Spirit. Seasons offers each grade level the opportunity to gather, engage, respond and reflect. These resources are based on the Seasons of the Church Year, starting with Pentecost in the fall.

Children & Worship

Children & Worship is a classroom where young children, ages 3 & 4, hear the word of God via storytelling, art and other activities. Our youngest students explore the word of God in an environment that nurtures their faith in an age appropriate venue.

Children ages 3 through eighth grade worship with their families and are dismissed to Sunday School after the Word for Children. The Word for Children is a “sermon” based on weekly Bible readings and created specifically for the youngest members of our church family. Children are invited to sit with a Christian Education leader to hear a message designed to help them understand God’s word.

Compass Group

Compass Group is for middle school and high school students experience traditional lessons and current social discussions that are affecting our world. All students are welcome to participate in the Spring Break Mission Trip. Past trips have included working in New York City, Washington D.C., Tennessee, New Jersey, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Mississippi and Pennsylvania. The Mission Trip is subsidized by the congregation.

Salt Shakers

Salt shakers is for middle school…

Holiday Events

During the Christmas and Easter seasons the Sunday school classrooms enjoy a day of celebration. Advent Adventure and Hosanna Happening are opportunities for the children to create seasonal crafts, hear stories and enjoy special activities.

Summer Sunday School

In July and August we hold a one room Sunday school for children in Pre-K through 3rd grade. The classes continue to follow the Seasons of the Spirit curriculum.